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A Brief History - How We Began


When we founded Glee world in 2019, our ambition was clear; which is to expand rapidly to major cities in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world.

We were inspired by the saying that “Health is wealth” and without health no person or nation can achieve full potential. Our two founders bring two unique perspectives for starting Gleeworld Pharmacy. Bimpe, a former District Manager with close to 7 years of huge experience from West Africa’s largest retail pharmacy chain – HealthPlus Pharmacy conceived the idea after realizing that the poor are left out of accessing medicines from a standard pharmacy. Bidemi, our Co-founder/CEO coming from a Software Engineering, Social Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship background is passionate about deploying technology and patient-centred approach to provide quality and affordable healthcare for all regardless of income level or where they live; after both helped him to recover from 2 months of severe malaria and anaemia in 2017.

And so, we started with one store in Lekki phase 1, a high brow area of Lagos. And it doubles as our business office and inventory location. Although, customers can pick-up prescriptions or attend retail clinic there, it wasn’t really designed for people to walk into in the long run.

- Bidemi & Bimpe Ojo, Founders

- Mission:

"To improve access to quality and affordable medicines, primary care, and wellbeing."

- Vision:

"To bring 1m Nigerians into a state of good health and well-being in 2030."

Providing Health care for all

Glee world Gleeworld aims to help patients save, time and money as it applies to the problems of self-medication, medication access hassles, unhappiness and medication non-adherence. That’s why never want you to visit a physical pharmacy if you love medication delivery. We also don’t want you to miss doses. Neither do we want you to self-medicate.

We are a new kind of pharmacy. All we’re simply doing is automating the old pharmacy experience through AI, in addition to integrating primary care into pharmacy care.

Our mission is to reinvent pharmacy from a “shop” to a “primary care centre”, and to redefine the way pharmacists interact with and educate patients through AI technology and patient-centred care approach.

Glee world is at the forefront of embedding pharmacy at the heart of health care; where the pharmacist steps-forward to play a more critical role in healthcare delivery beyond dispensing medicines.

- With Happiness, Glee world
Happy Family

Glee world is . . .


Easy to use and user friendly Instant pickup, medicine delivery in 30 minutesInstant diagnosis, and treatment.


Pill reminder, Refill reminders, AI engagements.


Cheaper Prices, Loyalty Rewards, Budget-friendly, Personalised Experience & Patient-centred, Polite & Friendly, Exciting & Social, Greener & Art-friendly.


Eco-friendly Packaging Environmentally Conscious.

7 Core Values Of Our Empathy Culture.



Happy patients, employees, partners, environment and the communities where we operate over shareholder profit.



See things from the appropriate context and do the right thing the proper way with freedom and a sense of responsibility.



Support merit and diversity balance. Be respectful, polite, and fair to all in a non-discriminatory manner.



Be flexible, innovative, creative, and open-minded. Stay positive!



Be trustworthy, reliable and accountable always.



Be remarkable, behave like the owner.


Be ready to partner with like minds.

Our Sustainability Goals and Responsibility.

We Contribute to Sustainability!

Economic Responsibility

For us, economic responsibility means striving to ensure that we are profitable in order to create long-term value for our stakeholders and contribute to a global and sustainable economy. A company's first responsibility is its economic responsibility __ that is to say, a company needs to be primarily concerned with turning in profit. This is for the simple fact that if a company does not make money, it won't last, employees will lose jobs and the company won't even be able to think about taking care of its social responsibilities. Before a company thinks about being a good corporate citizen, it first needs to make sure that it can be profitable. Our economic impact spans over customers, suppliers, governments and society at large.

Social Responsibility

We care for people and society. As a corporate citizen, our social impact spans over employees as well as society at large. We recognize that the competence, motivation, and wellbeing of our employees is key for our long-term success as a company and corporate citizen. We strive to offer a workplace and environment built on openness and transparency - an open source culture supporting innovation and development for the individual.

Environmental Responsibility

We care for the environment. Hence, our long-term objective to minimize environmental impact means reducing energy consumption, increasing energy efficiency, replacing generators with renewable energy, replacing business travel with online conferencing options, directly cleaning the environment, and minimizing printing and consumables among others.

Our Happy crew.

Bidemi Ojo |

Co-Founder/ CEO

Bidemi Ojo is a Software Engineer, and Tech Entrepreneur with, 12 years of professional experience in the IT industry focusing on tech-enabled businesses.

Bimpe Ojo |

Co-Founder/MD /Chief Pharmacist

Bimpe Ojo is Pharmacist with 11 years professional experience. Formerly with HealthPlus Pharmacy, she rose to the position of District Manager where she managed close to 20 branches and about 30 pharmacists.

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